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Secure Order Form FAQ
What is the secure order form you're offering?
If you've shopped online at a major e-commerce site like Amazon.com, you're probably familiar with the web-based "shopping cart." However, many of our small-business customers are selling only a handful of different products through their website and don't need the complexity and expense of a complete shopping cart system. For these customers, Intelligent Hosting has developed a simple, single-page order form. All of the items for sale are listed on a single web page, along with areas to enter shipping, billing, and credit card information.
Will I have to create the order form myself?
No. Intelligent Hosting's web development staff creates and customizes each order form on a per-customer basis.
Can I modify the order form myself?
No. Because the software that processes the orders is custom-written for each client, any modifications to an order form must be made by an Intelligent Hosting web development staff member. Your month fee includes two product modifications per month; further modifications are possible for an additional fee.
How do I retrieve my orders?
When one of your customers places an order you are notified by e-mail that you have a new order waiting. You then log on to our secure server with your user name and password, and retrieve your orders. Detailed instructions are included with the order form package.
Is it secure?
Orders are placed and retrieved on our secure server, which uses modern, secure socket link (SSL) technology. Data is encrypted while being transferred over the Internet, so it is virtually impossible to intercept and decode. Additionally, your order retrieval area is password protected.
How many items can I list on the order form?
While there is no set limit to the number of items you can list, we generally recommend a maximum of 10 items. If you have more than 10 items you're selling through your website, we recommend you consider using a shopping cart application instead.
What's the best way to handle credit card orders through the order form?
Our parent company, intelligentwebsites.com, offers a telephone-based processing credit card merchant account. This is ideal for use with our order form package, and is perhaps the lowest-cost credit card merchant account available anywhere, for low-to-medium-volume merchants. For more information, visit http://www.intelligentwebsites.com and click on "e-commerce solutions."
How does your order form system compare to others?
We have found that our order form system is superior to most others in terms of security and function. Many other order form-based systems simply e-mail you order information; e-mail is not encrypted, and is considered to be an insecure way of transferring data. Also, our order forms are designed to be attractive and easy to understand for your customers. Our system assigns each order a unique order number, helping to track down orders and follow up on customer inquiries.
I'm hosting my website with another company. Can I still take advantage of your order form system?
Our order form system is available to Intelligent Hosting customers only.
How long does it take to get set up?
It generally takes 2 business days to set up the online form after we receive the required information from you.
How much does it cost?
The cost is a one-time $49.95 set up fee, and $5 per month added to your regular hosting fees. This includes the use of the order system and secure server (you don't need to have your own security certificate). This also includes two product modifications per month; further modifications are possible for an additional fee.
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