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Power Web Hosting with Personalized Service
At Intelligent Hosting our focus is to provide premium Web hosting services that fit the needs and budgets of individuals and small business, while maintaining unmatched customer support that is both flexible and personalized. Combining a personal interest in our clients' individual needs and a passion towards providing the best ideas, tools, and technology the Internet has to offer is how we reach our ultimate goal—building long-lasting relationships with our customers.
Proven Track Record — We have been serving satisfied Web hosting customers for over seven years. We are a profitable company, and have long-term contracts with our vendors and service providers. You can count on us being here when you need us.
Feature-Rich Hosting Packages — Our hosting packages include advanced and innovative features such as rollover data transfer, e-mail spam filtering, subdomains, Mailman mailing list server, search engine tools, and our exclusive guestbook program. Managing it all is easy through our intuitive online hosting control panel, and our support department is always here to help.
High-Performance Hardware — Our top-of-the-line web servers use multiple Intel Xeon processors, high-performance SCSI hard drive storage systems, and gigabytes of RAM. Our servers incorporate RAID disk drives that "mirror" each other so that if one hard drive fails the other will continue to function. Each server is connected to multiple power distribution units to further ensure uninterrupted service.
Superior Network — Our network is serviced by multiple backbone providers, including AT&T, Level 3, Qwest, UUNET & Verio. We route your users to the fastest available connection to ensure maximum connection speed and eliminate down time. Network features include high-quality provisioned data capacity with virtually unlimited scalability, multilayer access control to protect from the impact of network attacks, and built-in redundancy on all of our network connection points.
World-Class Facilities — Our servers are housed in a class A data center, which features no less than five backup power generators, Need+1 (N+1) environmental controls, dry-pipe fire suppression systems, and multiple levels of physical security. The facilities are SAS-70 certified, HIPAA compliant and maintain current SunTone™ and IBM Hosting Advantage™ certifications.
Satisfaction Guaranteed — Our Web hosting packages come with a 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Click here to read more.
Feel free to contact us about our company and our services—we'd love to hear any comments or questions you may have, whether you're a current customer or just shopping for Web hosting.
Rollover Data Transfer
Now your unused data transfer from one month can be used the following month!
Easy E-Commerce
If you're only selling a few items, our add-on Secure Order Form is the no-hassle way to get into e-commerce
Here's an easy way to earn free hosting for recommending us to friends and colleagues
Multiple-Website Discounts
Have more than one website but not ready for a reseller account? You can still get discounts on multiple hosting packages!
Free Search Engine Tools
All Web hosting accounts get unlimited access to our search engine submission and ranking tools
Free Guestbook
All Web hosting accounts include our full-featured, easy-to-use guestbook program absolutely free
Customer Testimonials
Listen to what our customers have to say about us


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