All Web hosting accounts include our guestbook program absolutely free! A guestbook is a feature that allows visitors to your website to leave their name, location, comments, and other information that you and other guests can read. We created our guestbook as an answer to requests by our customers for guestbook software that was both feature rich and easy to use. The Intelligent Hosting guestbook is available exclusively for our customers—you won't find it anywhere else.

Here are some of the features of our guestbook:

Browser-based control panel makes configuration and administration simple and straightforward
No programming knowledge required; simply add a link from your website to the guestbook
Customize the look of your guestbook with pre-made themes; many attractive, professionally-designed themes to choose from
Easily create custom entry fields, both single-line-text and multiple-choice drop-down-menu styles
"Bad-word filter" automatically censors a list of words of your choosing; you can also delete individual entries at any time
Can be set to automatically e-mail you every time someone signs your guestbook
Uses your domain name as part of its address (in the form of http://guestbook.yourdomain.tld)
Unlike third-party guestbook scripts there is no programming code to modify or configure, and unlike remotely-hosted guestbooks there are never advertisements of any kind. Best of all, the guestbook is included free with every hosting package, so select the package you need and place your order today!
Easy E-Commerce
If you're only selling a few items, our add-on Secure Order Form is the no-hassle way to get into e-commerce
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All Web hosting accounts get unlimited access to our search engine submission and ranking tools
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