Reseller E-mail Accounts
This is the total number of e-mail accounts allocated to you as a reseller, which you can divide between your domains any way you wish.

Our e-mail system is lightning fast and loaded with features. E-mail can be retrieved through just about any e-mail software, including Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator, and Eudora. You can retrieve your website's e-mail from any dial-up, cable modem, or DSL Internet connection (so if you ever switch from a standard modem to cable modem Internet connection, your e-mail address will remain the same), as well as our Web-based e-mail service. Our e-mail servers include both POP3 (for retrieving e-mail) and SMTP (for sending e-mail).

Our servers use ultra-secure, ultra-fast mail software for the access and retrieval of your e-mail. If you've ever had to wait while your current e-mail service authorizes and retrieves your e-mail, you'll be amazed at how just fast our system performs.

E-mail redirects allow you to forward or redirect e-mail from one mailbox to another e-mail address. By creating an e-mail redirect, messages are sent to a different e-mail box without requiring the sender to know the new address. E-mail can be redirected to an address outside the domain, such as an e-mail address provided by your ISP.

A mail group is a list of several e-mail accounts that are grouped together under one e-mail address. This feature enables convenient multi-copy messaging. For example, if you want to send the same message to five people in the sales department, you can create a "Sales" e-mail group that includes the individual e-mail addresses for all five staff members. When someone sends a message to mail group "Sales," he/she only types and sends one message, but copies of the message go to all five individuals. The sender does not need to know the addresses for all five individuals, just the group name. Mail groups help save time and effort.

An autoresponder is an automatic reply that is sent out from a given e-mail account when incoming mail is received at that address. Unlike simple "on vacation" messages, our versatile autoresponders allow you to include file attachments, send messages based on key words contained in an incoming message (great for automated product-information requests), specify exactly how often a reply to unique e-mail address will be sent, and more. Our autoresponders can be powerful sales tools, or they can simply let your associates know you're "out of the office."

A catch-all e-mail address takes e-mail sent to your domain name that is addressed to a non-existent user and forwards it to another e-mail address. For example, let's say you've set up the address "", but a customer accidentally types The e-mail server would receive the message, recognize that the name "slaes" doesn't exist, and forward that message off to an e-mail address you specify. Catch-all e-mail functionality means you will never miss an e-mail because of a typo, and also allows you to have a virtually unlimited number of e-mail addresses all going to the same account.