E-mail Spam Filtering
Spam Filtering helps separate out unsolicited commercial e-mail from the important mail you want to receive. Our sophisticated filtering software puts incoming e-mail through a large variety of test to help determine whether the e-mail is spam or not.

Our online control panel lets you configure the spam filter quickly and easily to suit your individual needs. You can turn the filter on or off, adjust the sensitivity of the filter (to help prevent "false positives"), add verified addresses to a "white list," and add addresses you're sure you don't want e-mail from to a "black list." E-mail spam filtering is configured on a per-address basis, so you can use it on as few or as many e-mail addresses in your account as you wish.

E-mail that is determined to be spam can either be deleted completely (so that it never even reaches your inbox), or it can be tagged as spam by adding a message to the subject of the e-mail; for example, if the message subject was "Read This" and the server determines the message is likely spam, the subject line would be modified to read "***** SPAM ***** Read This." (Note that it is a good idea, especially in the beginning, to tag e-mail instead of deleting it, as this will help you determine the level of filter sensitive that works best for you.)

Despite tougher anti-spam laws, spam continues to be a serious and growing problem. Our e-mail spam filtering is an important tool to help you regain control of your inbox.