Search Engine Promotional Tools
Intelligent Hosting is proud to offer two website promotional tools: Search Engine Submitter and Search Engine Ranker. These tools are available free of charge to all of our hosting customers, and are located in our member's-only support area. Both are easy to use and work right in your Web browser so there's nothing to download. Both tools are available for members to use whenever they wish, as often as they wish.

Search Engine Submitter lets you submit your website to 40 of the most-popular search engines, including Google, Excite, HotBot, Alta Vista, Magellan, and Lycos. Submission is simple, fast, and accurate, with results displayed in real time right in your Web browser. Search engine submission has never been easier.

Search Engine Ranker gives you a report of how your website ranks in the search results of 20 major search engines. Simply enter one or more keywords that you think people will use to find your site, and let the software do the rest. Results are displayed in real time right in your Web browser.